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Biff & Bright Welfare Society

BBWS was established in 1999 and since inception main focus is on full time quality education programme.

The motive of the society is to spread the feel & Zeal of Literacy and Information Technology in the region.

The Institutional strategy was to facilitate student of every class and age group with various courses. The society also worked on the basis of IT awareness between the masses. The Institute do brought the good quality education in a genuine reach of a lower and lower middle class students.

The society gradually involved along with its team work. The team strength and quality of the soceity led us towards many remarkable achievements in a very short period of time.

read moreBiff & Bright Teacher's Training College is organized by Biff & Bright Welfare Society, which is working for the development and promotion of Education among the masses of India.

read moreBiff & Bright TT College runs these course(s) :
Bachelor in Education (BEd)
Duration - 1 Year
Total Seats Available 100

Name of the University/Examining Body to which the institute is affiliated or would be affiliated :
University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

read moreBuilding
BBWS proposes to run the college at 18 Ved Vatika, New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur-302019. This Land and Building is in the ownership of the Biff and Bright Welfare Society by virtue of Registered Gift Deed; registered at the office of the Sub Registrar Jaipur. Ground floor, First floor and second floor are constructed in this building consisting 5264 Sq. Ft carpet area. The Biff and Bright Welfare Society has given the above detailed premises to Biff & Bright Teachers Training College on rent. Since the above mentioned sight is not a permanent place to run the college the society has purchased a land at Puth Kaa Baas, Village- Maanpur Macheri, Tehsil- Amer, Distt.- Jaipur, measuring One Bigha & Two Biswa in Khasara No 76, 77/1427, 78/1428, 81.
Address of Rented Premises 18, Ved Vatika Colony , New Sanganer Road, Sodala, Jaipur, Rajasthan-302019
Address of Permanent Building Puth Kaa Baas, Main Jaipur Bye Pass Village- Manpur Macheri Post –Manpur Macheri, Vai- Morija, Tehsil- Amer, Distt. Jaipur - 303805
Expected date of shifting in the Permanent Building - 15/06/2008

read moreLabs
BBWS has three major labs in its premises :
Science Labs
   Chemistry Lab
has these materials and resources -
1. Ammonium Chloride 2. Copper sulphate 3. Sulphuric Acid
4. Pipette 20 ml Volumetric 5. Filter Paper 12.5 cm disc 6. Litmus paper Red/blue
7. Tripod Stand Iron 8'' 8. Funnel 9. Test tube 5'' X5/8
10. Flask Conical 11. Beaker 250 ml Capacity Glass 12. Glass trough 8''
13. Dropping Bottle 30 ml capacity 14. Reagent Bottle 125 ml Cap 15. V.U.L-tube
16. Lair Gauge in frome 17. Burette Stand 8'' X5'' with clam brass oxidize 18. Burette 80ml capacity pinch clip type

   Biology Lab has these materials and resources -
1. Student Microscope with 10 X 15 Eyepieces. 10 X 45 & Object lens in wonder box with lock & key complete.
2. Prepared slides
3. Watch Glass 4"
4. Muslum Specimen for 6'' X 2'' glass mounted.

   Physics Lab has these materials and resources -
1. Newton's coiling law apparatus 2. Prism glass 50 X50 3. Resistance box 1-800
4. Thermometer 110c 5. Lens Concave/convex 6. Mirror
7. Lead accumulator 8. Rheostat 9. Ammeter DC with stand
10. Voltmeter with stand 11. Galvanometer (30-0-30) 12. Bob set pendulum
13. Comase waddle both side glass 14. Bar magnet 15. Lac lanche cell
16. Daniel Cell 17. Thermometer maximum & minimum 18. Dynamo Model

Psychological Lab Appratus & Test
1. A group of test of intelligence 2. Bhatia battery performance test 3. Teachers effectiveness test
4. Teaching aptitude test 5. Verbal concept formulation test 6. Non Verbal concept formulation test
7. Colour performance 8. A new test of creativity 9. School aptitude inventory
10. Teacher's value inventory 11. Euchre's gent rest record 12. Vocational gent rest record
13. Non-vocational record 14. Kho's block design test 15. Muller Lager Illusion with stand
16. Human maze painted 17. Long term memory 18. Techistoscope App fallihy door type

read moreTeacher Education Lab
1. Computer 10 2. Printer 2 3. TV 1
4. VCR 1 5. Projector 1 6. Slide projector 1
7. Slides 10 8. CD/ Cassette Player 1 9. Maps 5
10. Charts 5 11. Amplifier machine with tape 1 12. Recorder player 1

read moreLibrary
Biff & Bright TT College has an adequate number of library books:

1. Text Book 2313
2. Reference book 789
3. Visual encyclopedia 02
4. Dictionary 05

Total Books 3109

List of Journal
1 Rajasthan Patrika
2. Dainik Bhaskar
3. Hindustan Times
4. India Today weekly magazine
5. Grah Shobha monthly magazine
6. Education in 21st century education encyclopedia
7. Shivira
8. Shaitya chandrika
9. India Education Abstruse
10. Indian Modern Education
11. Indian Education Renual
12. Journal of Indian Education

Facilities for Language Learning
1. Pointer
2. Magazines
3. Educational C.D.
4. Educational Cassette
5. Blank C.D.
5. Blank Cassette
6. Lock and Say Cards
7. Tracing Paper
8. Drawing Sheet
9. Water Colour
10. Roller Board
11. Chart Story
12. Chart Grammar English
13. Chart Grammar Hindi

read moreGames Facility
1. Indoor Games
a. Chess
b. Caroms
c. Badminton
d. Table Tennis

2 Outdoor Games
a. Volleyball
b. Handball
c. Kho-kho
d. Kabaddi
e. Dumbels

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